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You can’t win

Without Great Content

Even when Google was just starting out, content has always been the primary way search engines evaluate web pages. Without great content, your website would most likely never see the light of day.  Make sure the content you put out there is unique, informative, and valuable for your visitors.

Whether you manage a blog, vlog, e-commerce shop, or just your everyday Instagram account, it is important to begin evaluating the media you are putting out into the web.

Check Out Some Tools
Understand Your Audience
  • Who are they? 
  • What do they like to read?
  • When are they online?
  • Where are they from?
  • Why are they here?
Create for Quality
  • Be mindful of content length
  • Remember your audience
  • It’s not always about how much
  • Sometimes less is more
  • Make sure it feels natural
Know What They Want
  • What keywords do they use?
  • How many search every month?
  • What pages do they view most?
  • What links do they click on?
  • Why do they leave your website?
Be Aware of Competition
  • Check out competitor content 
  • Make yours different
  • Choose unique topics
  • Look for white spaces
  • Find your voice
Before SEO

Content typically reads well, but is not targeting the right keywords and audience for people to discover it in search engines.

And After

Once optimizations are complete, content should perform better and become much more valuable to search engines.

Content Structure


Keyword Selection


Meta Data






About time you gained
control over your rankings

No lie, search engine optimization is difficult but, if you know what you are doing it can become addictively fun. The progress bars to the left provide a peek into the world of what SEO’s do on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that SEO is not a magic wand. It takes hard work, deep analysis, and long-term dedication to get your web-pages where you want them to be. With a little bit of elbow grease, we can help you get there. 

The Benefits of Search

The Benefits of Search

Grab a helmet and let's go

How to Do Search

How to Do Search

Learn the Basics

Organic vs. Paid

Organic vs. Paid

Understand the Difference

Search Techniques

Search Techniques

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Search Tips & Tricks

Search Tips & Tricks

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SEO stuff is okay. It is okay. This is something that we are used to. We are used to change. If there's anything that SEO's can be assured of, it's that things will change tomorrow. That things will change next week. Nobody is better prepared to handle change than we are.

Rand FishkinWizard of SEO Moz

One thing we should all understand is that we are brutally honest with search engines. You show me your search history, and I'll find something incriminating or something embarrassing there in five minutes. We are more honest with search engines than we are with our families.

Mikko HyppönenChief Research Officer, F-Secure

The birth of the search engine, it's nothing new, it's essentially embedded in our literature, it's how ideas relate, how the mind makes connections. I mean, connections are made online through links, and within an algorithm they're made through degrees of relevancy between different terms.

Joshua CohenBook of Numbers, Novelist

Invention is not enough. Tesla invented the electric power we use, but he struggled to get it out to people. You have to combine both things: invention and innovation focus, plus the company that can commercialize things and get them to people.

Larry PageCo-Founder, Google

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